Shrimp Test

Take this test to see if you are the right place. 

You will know if you have come to the right place if you have done ALL of the following below:

  1. You have used your fingers to eat shrimp.

  2. Have used your teeth to tear the legs off and then peel the shrimp with your fingers (occasionally eating legs and maybe shell and all).

  3. You like a sultry, well-balanced broth with an “above average” spicy kick covering your mountain of shrimp.

  4. You like to suck the sauce off your seasoned shrimp.

  5. You have ever soaked up leftover broth with bread.

  6. Enjoy washing down the spice with an ice cold refreshment of your choice.  Here at Shrimp Shack we enjoy Shrimp Shack Shrimp Dish with cold beer and/or cool white wine.  But you make the call for what works for you.  Tell us how it goes.

  7. You know anyone that enjoys the above.

If your mouth is nearly watering now, then you’ve come to the right place my friend - otherwise, it might be time to move on.  


You know who you are.  You’re a little like us, a little different.


If this reminds you of a great shrimp dish you might have eaten in Cajun New Orleans, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii or any place in between,  but the fabulous dish still haunts your mind on where and how can you get it again.  Then we are glad we met each other.   Go ahead, you found your home, now get yours and enjoy!

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