Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to your questions.
Q: I see that the Shrimp Shack Herb and Spice Pack provides all the top secret ingredients.  What do I need to provide?
A: All you need are everyday items you can get in your pantry or your local market.  Here is the list of items you need to have on hand before you get started.

Using Shrimp Shack Herb and Spice Pack which Serves 4 People

  1 pot with lid holding up to 2 quarts
  2 cup of low sodium chicken broth
  ½ cup Worcestershire
  3 oz tomato paste
  ½ cup olive oil
  2 Tablespoon fresh chopped Rosemary
  2 tea lemon juice
  ½ stick non salted butter
  1 cup light beer. Room temp
  24 shrimp. 25/30 count.  About 6/person
  2 loaves French bread cut into 1 inch slices

Q: How long does it take to prepare?
A: Active time is about 10 minutes.

Q: Is there a ‘best’ way to eat Shrimp Shack?  
A: Well we think so, but you may find another way works for you.  Here is how we roll at Shrimp Shack.  We believe the Shrimp Shack Shrimp Dish is meant to be eaten with your fingers.  Simply grab a shrimp, tear the legs off, peel it, and eat it!  Have plenty of French bread on hand to soak up the wonderful spicy broth (pure heavenly goodness).   Be sure to have plenty of cold refreshments on hand too; at Shrimp Shack we like cold beer, crisp cool white wine or ice tea to pair with this unbelievable shrimp recipe. You choose what works for you.

Q: Substitute Shrimp?  ”Uh, hey I really don’t like shrimp, but the broth sounds incredible, can I substitute shrimp for something else?”
A: Hey, no problems, we got you covered!  You have many options.  You can enjoy Shrimp Shack broth all by itself or you can substitute shrimp for crawdads, chicken, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables or other great items.  Adjust cooking time as needed.  Shrimp Shack broth is very versatile and provides you many options to create many fantastic wonderful dishes.  Whatever you pair it with may influence the final taste of the dish, which takes you on a wonderful culinary adventure each time and keeps you coming back for more.  Take these flavorful journeys with family and friends for any occasion.  Let us know how it goes for you.

Q: Why did you guys make this recipe?   
A: Well we’ve eaten all kinds of wonderful dishes around the world and have gone to many fun dining experiences.   However, we can’t seem to find them all at the same place.  Some sauces and broth we felt would be better if they had shrimp in them and if they were just tweaked would be fantastic.  So that is what we did.  We created, tweaked, and then perfected what we believe is a wonderful shrimp dish. Then once we created we made it for all our friends and family at our home.  And then BOOM!  We had a great dish and shared it with wonderful people and the loved it.  Then we moved…..  So we had to find a way to take care of our friends and family and over years we created the Shrimp Shack Herb and Spice Pack which makes it easy and fun to make, but not take a lot of time to prepare.  Now we’ve been making our secret shrimp recipe with natural ingredients for over 15 years (read About Us).  And are now sharing it with you.  We use only the finest ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind, mouth-watering, perfectly balanced shrimp dish with amazing flavor and spice.

Some people might call this a spicy shrimp soup, a spicy shrimp broth or a spicy shrimp recipe, whatever you call it; it’s just pure heavenly goodness.  You might think it comes from Cajun New Orleans, Latin America, or other places.  However the Shrimp Shack shrimp recipe dish is an influence of many different places and flavors experienced over the years.  Yeah, we’ve eaten hundreds of shrimp dishes from all around the world - from New Orleans, Los Angeles, Seattle, Mexico, Italy, France, throughout Europe, Hawaii to Australia.  This Shrimp Shack dish will be the best you’ve ever had.
We welcome you with open arms to Shrimp Shack, the world’s largest virtual shrimp restaurant.

Q: I’m not sure this is for me. 
A: Simply take this Shrimp Test to see if you are at the right place.
100% Guarantee.Not convinced this will be an incredible shrimp recipe dish pack full of flavor and spice?  No problems.  We know you’ll be completely satisfied with Shrimp Shack shrimp dish, that we’ll give you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This should give you the assurance you need to order today.  So go ahead and order now.  The guarantee is for people who answer “yes” to all the questions in the Shrimp Test and from 30 days of purchase.  Excludes $2 for handling.

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