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Secret combination of ingredients

Comes with easy step by step instructions. You provide several simple items.

Fresh bread and cold drinks

Have plenty of french bread for dunking and cold refreshments on hand.

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grab a shrimp, rip the legs off, peel it, and eat it! Soak up the spicy broth with french bread and wash down with cool beverage of your choice.

Repeat and enjoy.

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"Thank you for the yummy Shrimp Shack herb and spice pack!!!!!! Time to enjoy! Super yummy! Thanks again! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!"  Roth Family Newport Beach,---California

"Super fun recipe to make with friends."   -Cynthia G

"I've eaten at a lot of great restaurants and some specifically featuring shrimp. This is an amazing dish, which I have had for many many years, and continue to crave it constantly. Your will enjoy Shrimp Shack!"  Tony S. of Newport Beach,California

"Just made Shrimp Shack for me and my brother Timmy (his first time) Safe to say he's Addicted! So Yummy!!! Do you have a pack of 52? I'm thinking this is a must once a week."  Stevie T

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